Here at Half-size Bakes, we believe that life should be sweet.  In a perfect world, delicious home-baked goodies would be enjoyed frequently.  But until recently, we actually baked cakes and pies rather rarely.   And when we did produce them, they seemed to hang around forever.  After all, we're all trying to eat in moderation, and the 16 or so servings of a full-size cake is a lot of cake for a small family.  

Half-size Bakes was born in the Pandemic.  Our favorite bakeries were closed, our favorite restaurants stopped offering dessert, and we missed our sweets.  One day we were daydreaming about a layer cake with Sunday dinner, if only we had a family the size of the Waltons to help us polish it off.  Then we realized:  the average family is much smaller than it was 50 years ago, but cake sizes have remained the same.   If only, we thought....if only we could make a smaller layer cake, one the right size for a family of four...that would be perfect.  

The inspiration for these bakes comes from many sources.  We've pored over cookbooks new and old to find fresh flavors that might be delicious in a small size.  And we've tweaked the amounts and updated the ingredients to ensure easy baking success.  

So there you have it.  Half-size Bakes are not intended for dinner parties, or large gatherings, or to share with everyone at a picnic.  Half-size Bakes are intended to be enjoyed at home - and enjoyed regularly!  Because these are "everyday" bakes, the emphasis is on family-friendly flavors and easy decorating.  Here at Half-size Bakes, we keep piped rosettes to a minimum.  Of course, you are free to elaborate to your heart's content - and we look forward to pictures of your lovely creations.  

Bake on!!